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Plenty of Bridges,

Plenty of People.

Bridges are made to suit people,

Which they do.

People cross them,

Without even simple thought

to what has happened

to that bridge,

so that those people could cross it.

But, who would think

about that?

It's nothing but a bridge,

bridges don't have feelings,

they can't feel

even cars go over them.

There's nothing to think about

with bridges,

so why waste your time

thinking about them.

Some people are

scared of them.


They mean nothing

at all.

But there is someone

who feels for them,

hurts for them.

There's a person

who see's beyond

everyone else,

they see what the

Bridge's see.

How do they see what the bridges see?

I don't know,

your going to have to ask them

because, well

I love them

to much to tell

their secrets.

But, they probably

won't tell you


they don't know you.

They only know a few people

because the bridges

everywhere is what keeps

them, they can't help

but feel for them.

It's what they were

brought to this world for.

This person

doesn't talk a lot,

but feeling for the bridges

that takes a lot

so I do what I can

and telling you their secrets

would ruin me

because as I said

I love them to much

to do that to them.

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