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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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So, first we brain stormed in L.A class about bridges. Then we took a walking field trip through Portsmouth and observed bridges. Then we went back to L.A class and had to come up with a writing piece about bridges. The result? This :P



Great metal structure, standing straight and tall,
Allowing us passage over the malevolent, abyssal mass,
Keeping us from a horrible fall,
While the chorus of bridges sings as we pass.

A magnificent, glowing sight,
Regal and intimidating, shining in the light,
We see the world below as if in flight,
The Earth's lights glimmer in the night.

Or so they say, that with each day,
While taking care to uphold us,
They quietly smile as we make our way,
With no prejudice, towards car, bike or bus.

Remember this, all who read,
While you would think it scary or unsafe, cold,
They only sing to their content, never will they need,
A furnishing or luxury, content 'til their days of old.

That's my poem, hope you liked it ;P
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