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Bridge Writing

Dsla la yellow

Bridge up Bridge down

Bridges up Bridges down

flat, tall, skinny, small

in every town

all around

water shimmerng

ducks swimming

birds flying

cars coming in every direction

as they go by

all they see is

Bridge up

Bridge down.



Bridge up Bridge down

thats all they do

like green like red light

as all the people in their cars shout


Hurry Up!

As the bridge slowly moves

for the boats going under

for the people watching and seeing the animals who live around the

Bridge up Brigde down



Living by the Bridge



Living by the bridge is

watching the animals who live by the bridge

watching the people in the cars zoom by

people fishing

people swimming

the birds looking for food

the sound of the boats motors going by

other people you cant see but here the yell of excitement of that

“Big Catch”

dogs barking at the birds

and the people trying to control the dogs

Living by the Bridge

is living in a peaceful world

full of sounds, smells, and sights

Living by the Brigde

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