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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.

by LRAS teacher: Rye 8th Team

I was ready now after waiting a week for the right tide to roll in. I looked down toward the water, reminding myself that I had been swimming on the other side of this bridge less than an hour before. I'm quickly over my nerves and before I knew it I was plummeting toward the ocean. I hit what some people call freezing water, but after living here all my left it felt like the perfect water. I began to sink lower into the dark depths of the ocean, I tried to swim toward the air but in vain. I notice that something slimy is grabbing my leg and bringing me farther down. Salt water rushes around me as I open my eyes, staring at the jaguar that is pulling me. I was shocked at what I was seeing, and temporarily thought that I must be hallucinating. An animal that looked like an aqua version of a jaguar, with flippers instead of claws, and gills on the side of its neck, had a hold of my leg. Suddenly the massive animal released me, and I began to float back toward the top, pushing myself up along the way. I began to loose any common sense that I had, wanting desperately to just suck in the water around me. Something in the back of my head convinced me to just wait a few more seconds, then I would be able to get as much air as I want.
I take in a massive breath of air when I finally reach the surface, swimming immediately toward my family on the shore who were waiting for me, I could see a look of shock planted on all of their faces. While I was swimming I began to feel a shooting pain in my leg, but I kept swimming knowing that I needed to reach land soon because fatigue already gripped me. As I pulled myself out of the water, I saw a deep gash in my leg that was already dripping with blood, I used my towel to take the blood off, and suddenly the pain went away. I looked back on my cut and noticed it had disappeared and was replaced by the symbol of a blue trident. I was amazed by the amazing healing power that I now had, but completely flabbergasted at why it had happened. I began to feel overheated and dry, not sure why though because I should have been wet from my last jump. I decide I'll take a quick dip in order to cool myself off, and that's when I noticed the blue fins that had taken over my feet. Scales began to crawl up my legs gluing them together, and in a matter of seconds I had a fish's tail instead of legs. I wanted to explore now that I could swim faster, I dove under water and realized that I could breath. As I swam under the bridge, I noticed a lot of movement farther down so I swam in that direction. I was soon in the midst in what seemed to be a castle, completely filled with a mer-person population. I approached one mermaid and found that I could speak fluently under the oceans depths. I learned that this was in fact a kingdom, and that here was actually a castle under every bridge. I decided that I should go back to the surface to let my parents know about my transformation. I glided toward the top, and when I reached it I quickly told my parents about what had happened. They were completely shocked and amazed so as a family they all jumped the bridge.
Within 10 minutes I was now part of one of the best mer-families ever. The only bad part about my new life, was when people would jump the bridge above me and I wished to jump as well. Overall, I loved being a mermaid, living under the bridge in an amazing castle, and being in the ocean forever.
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