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The 3 bridges that connect Portsmouth to Maine are The Piscataqua, The Memorial, The Sarah Mildred Longhorn. These Bridges are located in Portsmouth New Hampshire they are a main source of transportation Meaning they connect us to Maine so that it is easier to travel instead of having to try to go around the Marshes and The Piscataqua River. The Piscataqua Bridge is in average condition and does not need much attention compared to the other 2 bridges. The memorial Bridge is in very bad condition the big concrete blocks that hold it out of the water have sunk 82 feet into the bedrock. The Memorial bridge has 2 to 5 years left because of how bad its condition is. The Sarah Mildred Bridge has actually 6 to 7 years left on it but, it is in not as bad of a condition compared to the Memorial Bridge. These Bridges are important to Portsmouth and Maine and will have a giant impact on our economy and our daily lives but for now we will do what we can to keep our Bridges.

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