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You're Fifth Graders Now!

by Mrs. B - Grade 5
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The United Nations declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity. The International Day of Biodiversity also takes place during May. The theme for the Voices of the World May task is biodiversity. We are going to show the diversity in our planet by taking photographs or drawing pictures of plants and animals that are native to your local area. There must not be any photographs of the children within the presentation. All six (6) photographs and pictures must be original for copyright reasons. Each slide should include the following text and spoken words in your language.
Page 1 - “Hello, school name, country"
Page 2 - “Our World is Special”
Page 3 - “Variety is all around”
Page 4 - “Care for our World”
Page 5 - “Look after our future”
Page 6 - "Goodbye"

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