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I had a great experience in fifth grade. I had some goals and I accomplished them. I felt proud that I accomplished them.   My goals for fifth grade were writing composition, writing neater, and also keeping my desk neat. I feel nervous and excited about going to 6th grade. One of my goals will take my nervousness away from me. Another goal will bring me more excitement.


My original goals for fifth grade are that I have better writing composition and also writing neater. In addition I was going to keep my desk neat by not shoving supplies in my desk. I kept my desk neat by having a plan to make my desk look ideal. Yes I achieved my goals. I got better at my goals be because I practiced them a lot. I got better at writing by writing figurative and meticulous writing. Another example of how I got better at writing is putting time and effort into writing a lot. Another way I get better at writing is that reading helps me with writing. 


My first goal for 6th grade is to be better at math. One way I would get better at math is by doing math problems every day to be good at math. I’m going to practice Algebra and geometry over the summer to get ready for 6th grade. My second goal for 6th grade is having a neat locker. I’m going to have a neat locker by keep the supplies I need most on top and the supplies I don’t use much on the bottom. My third goal for 6th grade is not being late for class. My first way of not being late to class is having my classroom numbers so I can find them. I could have a check list for each class and my supplies I need for that class. My final goal for 6th Grade is being a better clarinetist. I get to be a better clarinetist by practicing my music for band. I’m going to make fewer mistakes in band. 


My goals are different because I like to try new things. I’m also more mature now.


I hope to accomplish my hopes and dreams for 6th grade. Maybe I will accomplish all of my goals for 6th grade. I’m going to accomplish my goals for 6th grade by practicing. I will study a lot at home. 6th grade will be an adventure for me.
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