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teacher: Denton Dynamos

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      It is almost the end of the year. I am moving on to middle school. Now I wonder what goals I have accomplished ? What goals I will have for middle school ?

                 I have accomplished many things in the school year. Like becoming a better writer , better at math, actually liking math.I have learned how to become a better writer. My teachers have taught me how to add A.I.D which stands for action, internal thinking, and Dialogue. Now that I have those three things in my writing, my writing became more and more interesting. Also my math skills are getting better and better by the minute. I play math games and my class makes it sooooo much fun to learn. Like around the world multiplacation, and math games online. You have accomplishments and no accomplishments. I am an unorganized person STILL=http://!!  I always try to keep my desk clean but in 2 days it gets messy again

                                  I have many goals for middle school. I want to become better at sports, and make new friends. I have a brother that loves sports so I want to try playing more sports.I want to meet new friends I have always seen the same people for the past 6 years so I guess its time for me to make new friends. 

                I loved my 6 years spent at my school. It has been the time of my life I am going to miss it sooo much. I can't wait to start a whole new chapter in life.



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