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Mighty Writers 2011-12

From the third graders in room 12 at Arbor Heights Elementary



by Mark Ahlness
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The students in Room 12 have done a super job writing their "About Me" pieces! We were in the middle of working on a short personal narrative when we had a very scary event happen close to our school - and Room 12 students have been writing about it.

Ms. Barb Bailey, our wonderful music teacher, was injured in a car accident just a block and a half from our school. A couple of Room 12 students live close enough to have had seen the aftermath of the accident. It was a bad one.

But the good news is that Ms. Bailey is OK! She has a broken bone in her arm and many bumps and bruises. We were all so very worried about her. As you can see from the blog entries on 10/5, the students in our class really miss her!

Get well soon, Ms. Bailey! - Mr. A.

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