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Dear, people in Lebanon,

I think we all should stop throwing garbages in the Mediterranean Sea. The Sea creatures are dying because of them and some Sea creatures are almost extinct. There is a food pyramid also in the Ocean!

First of all, when you throw garbage, the fish become polluted which means the Sea creatures are full with germs. When fishermen catches the fish, it'll go to the market then people will buy the fish and eat it. Even if you wash the fish, the germs stay. If you eat it, you'll get some illnesses, or the person can die.

Secondly, When you throw garbage and there is oil on your garbage, the oil from your garbage spreads around the Sea. Sometimes, when the ship sinks, more oil spreads. When some animals like birds gets oil all over it, the birds can't get enough sunlight. When that happens, the birds die, because of the coldness.

Lastly, When you throw garbages, some Ocean animals think it is food so they try to swallow it. When the garbage is big, and if the fish or other Sea creature swallows it, there will be a garbage in there throat. That is how they die. When you were fishing and when you leave the strings, the fish can be tied up and die. When you fly balloons to the sky, the balloon pops and sometimes fall on the Sea. When turtles see th balloon,(or plastic bags) is a Jellyfish. When the turtle swallows it, it dies.

So, try not to throw garbages on Sea from now on!

Sincerely, SP
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