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Higgins Armory Museum

    A trip to Higgins Armory Museum can be very useful to topics of our middle Ages and how armor was used for. The Knights are in armor of very fine crafted wear at the high rate of the renaissance in the middle ages. You can learn about different types of armor and see how each was used. People can learn how it was to be a knight at these times and how they followed their code. Most people don't know in this time period that there were some women under armor taking place in these times, and you could find out these legendary warriors. Many displays shown here allow all people to learn about Medieval times.


    There are plenty of different kinds of armor with many different uses explained in the museum. One kind is meant for combat consisting many different pieces of steel converted together to make an armored suit. Decoration armor had very little protection than others, but included very artistic details that made it look nice in parades or festivals. Tournament armor weighed the most of all three and thickest for jousting in competition. Weight and flexibility can be learned from Each kind of armor has certain uses for at special times in life.

    It was mostly men in armor but in these times there was some famous known women who were leaders and defenders of countries. One of the most famous, "Joan of Arc" young but led France through many battles. Making all these women to support and stand up for her country is due to spiritual leads and inheriting from fathers. Some were of said to been in armor but no women ever was a knight at this time. So, we know we can get the look at each of these warriors and the experience in the atmosphere.

    Here we can learn about the Knighthood of each branch which includes, "The Code of Chivalry." It was used to make the knights look experienced and all exact the same under a set of rules. The rites and rules of a knight in armor was strict that tied with religous beliefs. In the warfare they had to bathe and dress in a certain and proper way every time getting ready to battle. It is a great way of being in experienced training at a high level. This was a great way of organizing and keeping the military strong and under rule during the middle ages. You can see everything the knights had to go through a day and the religion practiced along the way.

    As you could learn on this tour thoughts go up looking at these interesting artifacts such as Corinthian helmets from Greece. The Higgins Armory Museum shows visitors the use of armor and the displays of medieval armor. Mostly men had rites but not as much less for women than other times in this period, so you can see the female leaders and warriors. Exhibits and writings could show you well the knighthood of chivalry and what they used for horses. Medieval warfare and the way of living in this time period the, "Middle Ages" is learned well in these displays at the Higgins Armory Museum.




Higgins Museum Essay



3 --  Outstanding     2 -- Ok, but could use some improvement     1-- Needed improvement     0 --- Missing





  2             Gave the reader background and general information about the museum ---  set the scene.


   3            Transitions to the body of the essay. (Three things that can be learned by a visit to the museum)




    3           Three topics were addressed, each with its own paragraph


      2         Topics were clearly explained and used researched supporting details & vocabulary





      3         Restated topic --- What can be learned at the museum?


       2        Brought closure to essay (Summed up essay)




       3        Essay format followed the directions for assignment


       3        Spelling


      2         Capitalization (Used correct capitalization)


Comments: Good overall format to the essay - intro-body-conclusion. The introduction needed to more info on the Higgin's Museum to set the scene for the reader,but has a good transition to the body.  You needed a lot more research details & vocabulary to add depth of knowledge to the piece. The conclusion is a good effort,but the writing doesn't flow well and could be clearer

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