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We are going for EXCELLENCE in everything this year !!!

by M teacher: Whaea Margaret
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 Mayor Number 7 and 9

Hi guys as you know I have landed up on Planet Numbers  and I have written a description about the two  great mayors. Mayor number 7 is a humors, creative, responsible, co-operative mayor. He comes up with great plans which are creative. He also discovered and studied the number Ee-ii-gg-hh-tt sheep. Mayor number 7 is also in the shape of  a seven. He is in the colour what they call ‘Creative Orange’ while mayor number 9 in the ‘High Achievers Blue.’ Also mayor number 7 invented the game 'Unstoppable Baseball' it is just like base ball but the batter runs in a figure eight, and you are allowed to do anything except contact to get the ball away or to the base.  Your are also allowed to use any equipment except exploding things that will damage the ball. The longest game ever was four days and the most balls lost in one game was 95.

 Mayor number 9 is a humors, honest, cooperative person who doesn't lie. As you know that her colour is the ‘High Achievers Blue’ her highest achievement was the magic crater bus. You hop into a normal yellow bus then buckle your seat belt because  it WILL be a bumpy ride. It will transformates into a space bus and fly to the passing asteroids and drops and picks people at the asteroids and they will visit other planets like Goblin Village or planet 521 even better Planet Numbers.

 Together they are unstoppable.

 By: Melissa Gratwicke






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Hi Im Melissa my favorite colour is blue and I love to dance and be creative I have three guinea pigs two of them are babies . I also have two cats called Socks and Sneakers. Socks is SOO fat!

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