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I invested in many stocks that did well. I invested in PIR it doubled in price and I had bought 245 shares. I invested because I did a lot of research and discovered the company. Trinity biotechnology is a biological med company. I invested because I knew that the future is in biotechnology. I invested 8000$ in apple and have not regretted it I have made over 2000$. I invested in apple because everyone has an ipod. I made a lot of money but could have made more if working with more money. I made 4500$ and had 10000$ to invest.
I would have mostly made minor changes to my stocks. PIR did very well and I would have bought more of it. I would have switched TRIB with sears holding because Trib didn't make a lot of money. It only went up by a small amount and was up and down all the time. AAPL did very well but I would have bought less so that I could buy more of PIR. AAPL was expensive and took up a lot of my funds. My stock did very well but I still want a little more.
The key to being successful in the stock market is to do research. I studied long and hard to find PIR. I saw it on the internet and it seemed good so I looked into it. It became a great stock and it doubled in price. TRIB is a stock I didn't know any thing about. I did not do much research and it didn't make as much profit as other stocks. AAPL was a company I liked and so I bought it. It turned out to be a company that is always on the rise it was always active in a bullish way. I did the research if you do to you will win.
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