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The companies that I choose was Dell,Target and American Eagle. I choose Dell because I used to have a Dell computer and wanted to see what their stocks were. Then I choose Target because I love to shop at Target I figured that the store must have good stocks because they seem to be nation wide. My last stock is American Eagle I choose American Eagle because I like their clothing and their clothing is very popular.


What changes I would make for Dell is maybe next time I would invest into Apple because their product is becoming more popular with all of the new products they are coming up with. With Target I would not change the company I would invest more into the stock. American Eagle I would do a little less of the stocks and a little more of other stocks.


When you are investing in stocks it could depend on how the year. Try to have and equal share

of your stocks but it also depends on when you buy your stocks. During Christmas your stocks could go really high up or it could only go up a little. It also could help if it is a popular place because if people like their things then people will come back for more.

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