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Stock Market Summary


I invested in three different companies in the stock market hoping to make a fair profit. My first company is Isis Pharmaceuticals, I chose this company because it was in health care and healthcare is becoming more important daily and it was a market mover. My second company is Coca Cola bottling company, I invested in Coke because it is a very large, stable and fast growing company. My third company is Pepsi company, I chose Pepsi because it is a quickly growing company that is very stable. Those are the reasons I chose to invest in those companies.

My stock stock portfolio was good but could be improved and made perfect. My first company Isis Pharmaceuticals was not very stable but I recovered most of my money but lost $2.73 I would have not invested in it. My second company Pepsi co. it was a very good investment I would have invested all my money in it if I had the choice. My third company was an okay investment I made a good amount but I wish I could have sold it earlier because it was three dollars higher. Over all I made a great profit but I could have made more.

I have a good amount of advice about buying, selling and the amount of shares for your stocks. My advise about buying a stock is look at the previous prices of the stock, and do your research. My advice about the amount of shares to buy is the more stable the company is the more shares you buy. My Advice for selling is do the math see how much money you are making and if you are making a lot sell. That's my advice for working with stocks I may be young but that's a lot of advice.


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