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I picked these three companies for our math stock project because I thought they would make money. I was wrong. I picked Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) because I heard that pharmaceuticals were doing well and making money. They ended up going up for a while then they started to drop. I ended up losing money. I picked Excel Maritime Carriers (EXM) because I thought that during the holiday season people would be shipping a lot of presents and companies would be shipping their products to people. They also had a steady increase before I bought it so I thought they were already doing well. I picked Phillips Morris (PM) at random. I really picked it at random but ended up keeping it because I heard that tobacco companies were doing well. I also saw that their stocks had been going p recently. I chose these three companies because they looked like they were going to make a lot of money. Don't be fooled people. Do your research.

If I could change my portfolio I would have done more research. I wouldn't have changed my stocks in GSK even though I lost money. They were doing well until the stock market started to look bearish. I would have changed my stocks in EXM and PM though. I would have done my research and not just taken people's work. I would have listened to what people were saying but I would have checked to see if they were right. It ended up being that my stocks in EXM were risky and not a very good deal. In PM I would have just done more research and learned how tobacco companies were really doing. These are the changes I would have made to my portfolio.

Stocks are a risky business, so know what you are doing. Do a lot of research on your company and other companies like them. If there is a bearish market, then you should be careful with the companies you chose. It there is a bullish market chose the ones that have recently gone up. I should have looked into other companies like EXM because another shipping company's stocks went way up when mine went way down. Don't just take people's work on something, double check. Also it is very risky so look at their chart. If in the past year they have been going way up, then don't assume they will keep going up. They could easily just drop. Another good tip is to not put all your money into one stock. If your stock goes down then you lose a lot of money. I know that because invested almost all my stocks in GSK and lost a lot. Before you buy your stocks just think it through and do your research.

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