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Stock Market Report

I began to invest in the stocks in which I based on from popularity and whether or not I was familiar with the company. With my first company, Apple, or AAPL, I based my buying on the products. I knew that there would be another idea coming out that would make millions, so to stay on the safe side, and to stay in the range of affordability, I bought ten shares of Apple. Buying Google, or GOOG, was a similar process for me, but instead of falling and rising again, it just fell and stayed low. I “percussed” Google because I thought that, because it is a popular search engine, and had successful products, that it would be a good deal. I got shares in Polo Ralph Lauren, or RL, because I was familiar with it. The stock price seemed high enough, but still low enough for buying numerous shares. I ended up with twenty-eight shares of RL.

If, for me a stock was prosperous and was making a substantial profit, it would be kept. But, like Google, if the stock did nothing but drop and lose money, or go through a loss, I would get rid of it. So, if I had a choice to get rid of Google, I would go for it. In the beginning, Google was a really great stock, it made a lot and if it dropped, it would only go down a couple dollars. But, later in the years it dropped and didn't quite make it back to the top again. This was due to the new unpopularity of some of their products, and they weren't being sold in big money making places anymore. Apple and Polo Ralph Lauren have gone though ups and downs, but not bad enough to make me dislike it so much to get rid of it like I would Google. If I could, I would buy more stocks in both of them.
Buying stocks is a risky business, it all depends on the market. The advice I would give to one who is buying a stock in a "big" company would be to find this one factors in the company: the popularity of the product or store, knowing this lets you figure out if that company is prosperous and is a money maker. Advice on buying and selling from me, would be, when buying a stock, try to get the company at its lowest share price, but be sure that it will rise back up again. That way you have, in some words, bought the stock at a lower price then its worth. When that stock has made enough money for your liking, that would be a good time to sell it. Of course these are just some of my ideas on what somebody should look for in a stock, but when you try buying your own shares in companies you'll get your own idea of things.

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