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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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Before earth day, we had a visitor visit our classroom to talk to us about the process of making stuff and how the stuff gets thrown out and were it goes when it breaks of we don't want it anymore. We watched a series of 3 movies on adds and advertizing to kids and even babies. I learned that companies take a food, or home idem and put a cartoon character on it and the kid would want to get it and or would say that (for a food idem) it tastes better even though they have not tried it or it could just tastes the same.

We also had a small assembly in our cafeteria about trash at lunch time and about composting and recycling. We took two days worth of trash from the 7th grade and dumped it all out on a tarp on the floor. The total trash before we sorted it all out in different piles, it weighed 87.5 pounds. And than after we sorted to trash into piles, we got 51 pounds of compost, 9 pounds of recycling, and 25 pounds of landfill trash.

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