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In our science class, we watched a series of films about keeping out earth alive and healthy. There were three films that we watched, and they were all very interesting to me. In the next two paragraphs, I am talking about the Freegans, and us, the consumers of products.

The freegans were by far the most interesting topic of all of the other sections of the waste video, and they are inspiring people all over the world. Freegans are people who eat from only the trash of other people, and usually are found in cities. Almost everyone asks “Why don't the freegans ever get sick from all of the trash they eat?” The truth is, what the freegans are eating is not really trash. They usually only eat things that are still fresh and/or sealed. How is this possible, wasn't it in the trash? Well, yes it was, but lots of store-owners throw away things that wont expire for weeks! There is even a law that if a piece of cooked food is left out for more than twenty minutes it must be thrown away. Can you even imagine how much god food is thrown away every day? Think about all of the food chains like McDonalds, and Burger king, that have to follow this law. Well, I suppose this is a good thing for the freegans, in front of food chains like this are usually where they are found! Another common question people ask about the freegans is, “Are the freegans poor?” The answer is, almost no freegans are poor, in fact, they don't have to pay an average of 100$ on food each week like we do, they are saving money, they never have to buy anything!

My next paragraph is about us, consumers. Everybody is a consumer, some people even say we are even consumers when we are in our mothers womb! We buy things that we don't need every day. The target of big company owners are all of us kids. They like to make new fashion after new fashion, so we keep buying what is “hip”, or “cool.” They actually try to make us feel embarrassed by wearing last months fashion of clothes, or yesterdays cool shoes, so we keep buying from then. A great example of this is Sketchers shoe brand. Have you noticed how often they come out with new things? First its “Hidi's Hi-Tops” and then “Pretty tall Shoes”, and even “Twinkle toes!” It's like week after week of new things so you will spend more money! Some marketers actually watch smaller kids play and do other things to see what they like. Some marketers even watch them in the bathroom, but don't worry, no one will ever do that to you. All of the things I have said in this paragraph are very important, so don't forget!
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