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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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For three science class's this year we got to watch three films. The films were Consuming Kids/The Commercialization of childhood, Trashed – This is the story of garbage...American style, and The Story of Stuff. They were very interesting because it taught us a lot about things we didn't know and isn't that the point of teaching anyways.

The film I'm going to talk about first is the Consuming Kids/The Commercialization of Childhood. This film is about how the commercials that air on television now are focused on children. When the Federal Trade Commission tried to create a ban on ads aimed at young children the government turned them down and wouldn't let them do it. Since commercials are allowed to focus on children so that they would want to look different and do different things. The commercials mostly focus on “tweens”. Tweens are the children that are in between the ages of 10 and 12, but since this all started the ages have moved and now it's the ages between 4 and 9. The words tweens was made up by the commercialization process, not the parents that just find that a good word for the age group. In the commercials the girls are pressured to pretty and skinny by wearing revealing clothing and tons of makeup. The boys are pressured to be very violent, to hurt people and always talk about killing people. Product placement is when there is an advertisement in a movie. When a “tween” see a certain person wearing something or drinking/eating something they want it too.

The second film we watched was Trashed – This is the Story of garbage...American style, it's about the food we buy, don't eat or just waste, and where it goes. Just New Yorkers alone throw away 50,000 ton of trash. A Landfill is an area that people just put there trash in to get rid of it, from those landfills there is methane gas that comes from the landfill which is bad for the environment. When people say “We put value in things we through away.” it means that when we through things away it cost money like everything else. We either bring it to the dump or have someone pick it up for us (that cost money), than someone else has to sort it into different piles, than it has to be taken away. So it really does cost money to through something away. A “freegan” is a person who searches through trash, picks out the food that is still edible and eats it. They eat the food that people through away because they think that it's gone bad or is the wrong kind and even more reasons. The “freegans” are able to just pick up the food and eat it, I don't know how they can do that, because some people would be totally disgusted with it. So it is a choice that they make in their life and it probably saves them a ton of money, but on other bad side they are eating the food that they other people are throwing away. The North Pacific Gyre is a waterway that is twice the size of the United States of America, it's filled with plastic. It's said that when your there you can't go 30 seconds without seeing a piece of trash. There was a experiment done to see if mothers breast milk was purest for woman living in urban landscapes, the result was very surprising. Woman living in a urban landscape the purest milk, the woman who live out in the forest with tribes and such get all the bad air that's filled with the carbon and everything from us that we're putting in our atmosphere and it hurting other parts of the human population.

Laws change.......Men die..........The land remains.” that saying was from Abraham Lincoln in 1862. What he means when he says that is that the laws will change, we will have different laws over the years, people will die it doesn't matter what happens the people of the earth will die it's just never going to change, but the land it will always stay here, we can't live without it, it's not going anywhere, it will still be here when we're all dead. So basally what he's saying in the short run is that the only thing that's not going to change is the lands, so we better take care of it.

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