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Everyone has been through some type of severe or semi-severe situation with weather. I was in May 2006. That May it was raining a lot, things were looking like they would never dry. Now, most people think that rain is no danger whatsoever, but they are wrong, rain can cause a lot of flooding, just like it did in May. It was around Mothers day when it began and that's where it got it's name, the mothers day flood, so, it was raining and everyone thought ya whatever its just rain, no big deal.

But after a while people saw just how bad it could get. It rained for almost two weeks straight, there was a lot of flooding, roads were closed, some power was out, and schools were closed everywhere. A lot of people like me had their basements flooded, we had to get a new carpet for our whole basement, and all the drywall from about 4 feet to the ground was not good so we ripped it out, we had to get new furniture, and repaint everything. Getting rid of the water took a long time, we didn't have school for days but we didn't have to make it up sionce the state had established a state of emergencey. The mother's day flood is a flood that no one will forget.
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