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The Higgins Armory Museum was founded by Mr.Higgins in the 1930's.  It was his collection of ancient armor from the 1300's to the 1700's.  The museum contains many interesting facts, armor, and weapons.  Some types of armor was parade armor, tournament armor, and combat armor.  The trip was a great experience and a great job put together by the staff.  There was a lot of armor and a lot of important history to learn there.

Right when a visitor enters, there should be a man fully dressed in armor.  You can notice how he can easily run, jog, and sit down.  That was an advantage for armor but armor was also very heavy.  Armor could get up to 90 pounds!  He will show the viewer a sample of the three different armors I talked about earlier and teach you about how different weapons worked.  As i said, there is combat armor which was used for combat.  Sometimes they would use chain mail armor which was many small rings to help protect from slashing but not hitting with a sword.  There was also full body armor to be used in battle. Then came tournament for jousting which was where two men charged at each other with lances.  Then came parade armor which was not actually used to fight with but was used as decoration for the rich.

Then the visitor would make there way up the second floor which is a giant great hall.  They have armor, weapons and some other cool artifacts in display cases.  One weapon in particular is the lance.  Sometimes they could get up to around eighteen feet.  There is also a special weapon which is kind of like a lance with a hook to take down men on horses.  It is also very sharp at the end to kill horses.  The great hall has a lot of different weapons from different times and some of it is actually pretty interesting if you take time to read what they have to say in the small captions they have next to the case.

Another big thing in medieval times was fashion.  There were many different fashions that came and went and the cycle still runs today.  One fashion was that there shoes would be long and spiky.  Even after armor kind of died, the rich would buy armor themselves to strut around in and make people know that they're rich.  Sometimes the rich would even buy armor for there kids to make sure everyone knew they were rich.  Another piece of clothing in fashion then was big, "poofy" pants for the men.  That is basically what all the men were wearing then.

The Higgins Armory Museum is an amazing place for anyone who enjoys learning more about medieval times.  The Higgins Armory Museum has a ton of old armor and weapons once used by medieval warriors.  Many stories lie within the museum and it is a great experience to go in, and learn a lot about medieval times and all the armor and fashion and architecture and weapons.  Hopefully the Higgins Armory Museum will grow to be more successful and to continue to teach many more people in the future about so long ago in the past.



Higgins Museum Essay



3 --  Outstanding     2 -- Ok, but could use some improvement     1-- Needed improvement     0 --- Missing





      2         Gave the reader background and general information about the museum ---  set the scene.


      3         Transitions to the body of the essay. (Three things that can be learned by a visit to the museum)




     3          Three topics were addressed, each with its own paragraph


      2         Topics were clearly explained and used researched supporting details & vocabulary





     3          Restated topic --- What can be learned at the museum?


     3          Brought closure to essay (Summed up essay)




       3        Essay format followed the directions for assignment


        2       Spelling


        2       Capitalization (Used correct capitalization)


Comments:  Good overall effort on this piece of writing. The format of the essay is good, the information is well organized into paragraphs. You do lack research vocabulary and specific details to have good depth to the wrting. Your introduction and conclusion are solid,although the last sentence is off topic. You also use personal pronouns (I) which you were told not to in the directions.

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