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I suddenly awoke to find myself in a grassy field. I looked around a saw a vast ocean, sandy beaches, and strange creatures of all sorts. I walked over to sand and squished my toes in it. It felt great to be alive again. I ran into the ocean and felt the thrill of swimming again. I jumped out and ran down the beach. I jumped up on top of a rock and felt like I was king of the world. Then a strange creature walked up and said “you are king of the world”. The creature looked about 2 feet tall and had short claws. The creature was grey and had large eyes about the size of a tennis ball. I looked down and said “how did you know what I was thinking”. The creature said well us looglaps can read other creatures thoughts. I then asked “looglap what is your name”. The looglap said “Well my name is Greg walison”. I thought to myself why that name seems familiar. It does he said. I then said “this is going to be hard to get use too”. I asked Greg how many looglaps are there in the world.


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