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I've been seeking fellow bloggers out there and Mr. Fisher's class from Snow Lake, a town in Manitoba, Canada, have agreed to read and comment to our blogs and we can read and comment their blogs!

Here's is their blog site: Excellence and Imagination Blog Site

I also just heard from Mr. McLaughlin's class from Neptune, New Jersey and they have also agreed to read and comment to our blogs as we read and comment to theirs!

Here's their blog: Room 110 Blog

One more! I just heard from Mr. Sheehan and his class is willing to join our blog sharing! They are 10 and 11 year olds from New Zealand!

Here's their blog: Strolling in the Orchard

Here's another class who needs blog pals, Mr. Schneider's 9-12 grade Web Design class! . Perfect since we do web design too :o)

Happy blogging!

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