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by teacher: Denton Dynamos
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      Did you ever think about the ways people traveled in the 1800's with wagons? If you have, would you go or not go on the trip to Oregon? For my opinion, I would not go because there would be deaths, bad weather, and diseases.

        I would never want to go because there will be deaths. When people went west, there were a lot of deaths caused by diseases, bad weather and attacks from Indians. They also didn't the medicine we have today. I wouldn't want to go on a trail and loving family members die. Now, in the 2000's, some loving family members don't die because we have the accurate medicine for the diseases. What I do about deaths is that if it is someone I know, but is not a family member, I do not go to the funeral. When it is a family member, I go to the funeral. When my great-grandfather died last summer, I wouldn't laugh or smile for a week. Other times people, now, die from heart attacks when they are old. In the 1800's, not many people died from heart attacks because of the diseases, attacks and bad weather. I always asked me mom" Mom, why do people die?" "Maybe because they ate a lot of bad foods, had a disease or of a heart attack." I always thought When people die, aren't they sad that they can't see the ones they love?I always used to think, wonder, and cry (sometimes) about death.


      Besides death, bad weather is also another reason I don't want to go to Oregon. When bad weather occurred in the 1800's, the people would either get diseases, like pneumonia, or die. Since in those days they didn't really have protection. Now, in the 2000's, I have a home that protects me and I lay back and watch T.V. or I play with my family. I ask my dad" Daddy, why is there so much bad weather?"Because of global warming or of mother nature." I thought Why does mother nature want bad weather in our earth? I always read about mother nature and always acted like her. I recycled, reused and conserved water and energy.

        Since I need one more way that I don't want to go is because of diseases. Since people didn't have the accurate medicine for the diseases, they usually winded up in the graveyard and they had a funeral. Now, in the 2000's, when people get diseases, they go to the hospital and get the accurate medicine for the disease. If somebody is in the hospital that we know, we go to the hospital and cheer them up. When my dad was in the hospital in March, We went to see him and cheer him up. I asked my mom "Mom how come get diseases even though they eat right and stay healthy?" ( Because my dad was very healthy)"Well, sometimes the body doesn't get enough of the vitamins the need or the body doesn't function properly. I always said in my head I hate it when people get diseases and they are so healthy. I used get mad about a lot, that I always to mom about it.

      Now you can clearly see I don't want to go on the Oregon Trail. If you want to go, hey that's your choice. If you don't, now you have reasons why.

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