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Going to Florida

“Dad, are we there yet?” I ask from the backseat of our car.

“Not yet,” Dad replies.

"When are we going to get there?”

"Not too long but we are going to go out to eat first and then go home.”

“Oh, I hate going out to eat first,” as I moan Ohhhhhh unhappily in my head.

“Well, what is the restaurant that we are going to called?” I ask my dad, as if I already did not know the name since we always go to the same one.

“BF Wangs,” he says.

“I don’t like that restaurant,” I tell him.

Dad says, “Well, we are already here.”

My dad and I are having this conversation in the car driving towards our condo in Florida. I hate going out to eat first because I just want to see the condo and go up to my room or go out to the dock and relax. We always go to this one restaurant, BF Wangs. It is my mom’s favorite so my dad and I just go along to make her happy.

“I’ll have chocolate milk, please.” I say to the waitress.

“Sure,” replies the waitress.

“I will have water, please.” Mom says to the waitress.

“I’ll have water, too,” says Dad.

“’Kay, be right back with those,” said the waitress as she left our booth.

We always sit at a booth because my mom and I love booths. We think that tables are not comfy and they are usually out in the open where everyone can hear us and see us.

“Thank you,” says my dad as the waitress comes back with our drinks.

“Now, are you guys ready to order?” asks the waitress.

I said, “I will have chicken fingers.”

“Ok and I’ll have dumplings,” says mom.

“I’ll have mahi mahi,” said dad.

After a good meal we got in the car and I thought to myself, “boy I’m excited that our condo is so close, only about 10 minutes away.” I began to think about my friends Olivia, Ellie, Brad and Jake and how we would fish and go to the lagoon together. I’m excited to get back to go to the pier, go on the boat and spend time with my family.

After unpacking everything at the condo – I get my towel, put on my bathing suit and run and jump into the pool!!!!

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