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2nd ESO A, B, C and D are classes of grade 8 . They are students at "IES Vil·la Romana", a secondary school in La Garriga (Barcelona, Spain). They are learning English as a foreing language. They will practice their speaking and writing. They'd like to communicate to students around the world. This is the first year they're going to use this blog.


teacher: Mercè Barrull

Blog Entries

• 12 eggs
• 12 tablespoons of sugar
• 1.76 ounce of starch
• 1 litre of milk
• cinnamon, vanilla and lemon skin
1. In a pot put milk to boil with the lemon skin, the cinnamon and the vanilla. Then let cool.
2. In a bowl put the 12 yolks with the sugar. Then we stir the yolks and sugar until the sugar is undone.
3. Keep a glass of milk. And put the other milk it in the bowl of the eggs and sugar and stir it. Then put the mixture on the fire.
4. In the glass of milk, break up the starch. Then put this mixture with the other, stirring. When the cream is starting to boil remove from to heat. Then put the cream in the fridge, for one hour. Then you can eat it!
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Hello. My name is Judit. I live in La Garriga with my family. I am 12 years old. I am a student in the IES Vil.la Romana. My favourite sport is ride a bicycle and my favourite fruit is cherry. I love reading books and I hate runing. JUDIT

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