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Mystery trip

I woke up excited and nervous, not knowing where my Dad was taking me on this trip. My Mom and sisters had left in a flash to the crowded New York City earlier this morning. So I was alone with my dad. Sadly we were not going there.
I jumped out of my bed and my dad says, “Hurry up we’ll be late for the plane.” So I quickly get my clothes on, get my suitcase, go down stairs through the door in the garage, then I jump into the car. He was already ready and we're off.
As we’re riding in the car I ask my dad the same question, “Where are we going”? But he keeps replying, “I don’t know”, obviously in a joking matter. Then he adds, did you remember to bring your bathing suit. I reply, “Yes”. So when we reached the airport, we get our luggage out from the back of the car, and we go through the long glass tunnel leading to the main part of the airport.
Once we are in the main part of the airport we walk to the main to the U.S Airway line. Most families were trying to get away for the long weekend. So the line was a reasonably long about a 10 minute wait. It was a Friday morning. Once we were through the luggage line and got our boarding passes we headed toward the security line. At that moment I was hoping we got there an hour in advance or we were doomed. So I looked ahead wondering what was holding up the line. Then in a glassed off area there was a guy getting clean checked by a wand.
I don't think anything of it because this always happens. Then a airport security guard walked toward the glassed off area and I could see his mouth moving but I couldn’t hear him. he took out the wand again to see if any metal was on him because they brought him through the gate and it keep beeping. But when they hand checked him they couldn’t find any thing. So they had to change they security gate.
A security guard had come up to the back of the line to tell what the wait was. Then once the gate was installed the line was moving pretty fast. Then Dad said our gate should be boarding any moment. Then of course the loud speaker came on and said gate B7 is now boarding. And Dad said what do you know that’s our gate. We took of our shoes and watches and my backpack and put it in the bin. We went through the now fixed gate got our stuff and ran for our gate. “Last call for B7” so we ran even faster. And our gate was at the end of the hall. We rounded the corner and saw no one but a flight attend tend.
So we ran even faster the thought that I didn’t know where we are going totally passed my mind. But on a electric board it read Nasa Bahamas. Then we gave our boarding passes to the attendant and boarded the plane. I thanked my dad as we walked down the hallway. And that's were i went on y mystery trip.

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