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UK embassy, Paris

Kenneth Brown, head of security for UK embassy


  I watched him disappear into the crowd.  Grasping the phone with a grip that could strangle an ape I called the security near by and tolled them there is a threat approaching the ambassador from the main entrance.  It was to late though he had already produced a small container from his jacket and poured it into the ambassador's drink.  I cursed and ran down the stairs as I spoke into the walky-talky "Get the man in the green jacket."  He was already making his way to the exit when the ambassidor picked up his drink.  A black car pulled up outside as the man approched the sidewalk the door opened and he got in.  I spun around and started at ambassidor as took a sip of his drink, he twiched and fell.  someone in the crowd screamed.  Guards rushed in from everywhere as the panic became more intence.  This wasn't going to end well.


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