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Hi this is Jamila .You would probably know me if you read my other stories. As you know Thanksgiving is coming and I want to tell you about. What I’m Thankful for.

Starting out I will tell you about my family. I’m Thankful for my family because they are always helping me with my problems when I get frustrated or mad. We all like it when we go places or have fun but I love it when all of are family member come to a barbeques.

Next I’m thankful for my mom. My mom is funny .She always tries to make me laugh. When I want to help my mom Cook .She always lets my brother and I help cook chicken, corn, and mash potato. That’s my favorite food that she cooks. On Thanksgiving my mom makes her special mc and cheese.

Another thing I’m thankful for is my friend Esther .if I didn’t have my friend Esther. I would not have anybody to cheer me up or help me out. My friend Esther is always there for me when I feel sad. At random times Esther would say something funny and make me laugh.

Second to last I’m thankful for my school Nettleton. Nettleton is a grate school because they have lots of grate teachers. I get to go to a good school every day Nettleton has a lot of after school programs that are fun and education.

Last but not least I’m thankful for my house .When I’m in my house I feel worm and cozy. In my house we have four bed rooms. I share room with my brother Malik. The room next to use is my mom’s room. It is the biggest room in my house. Then under my room is my sister Ariel’s room she dose not like us in her room. Next to her room is Jason’s room. His room is the second biggest room. He never lets us come in his room.

That’s what I’m thankful for. I hope you can tell me what you are thankful for? I hope you liked it so good bye and happy thanksgiving.

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