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by LRAS teacher: Rye 8th Team


During our studies of trash and its disposal, we had an assembly where we separated trash from the lunch room that had been collected over two days. Before our garbage was separated, we had a total of 87.5 pounds of trash. After taking this information, everyone got a chance to separate the trash into three categories, recyclables, compostables, and true trash. After a while we had all of our trash sorted, and we were amazed to find that most of our trash was actually compostable, and only 25 pounds of our original trash actually had to be thrown away. I think that many people enjoyed this assembly because it was straight forward, only telling us about true facts, and how we could reduce our waste. The leaders did not attempt to get us to believe their own opinions, and they simply focused on what we could do to help the environment by getting rid of our trash. We were shown the consequences of not littering, such as how animals our dieing after eating our trash. Now, my entire grade has an education about our waste and we can prevent future waste.

In school we have been having people come into school to teach us about trash and where it goes after we throw it away. We had to watch numerous videos as part of this unit. One specific video that we watched from the internet was The Story of Stuff. I think that you should definitely watch this video, in order to see all of the controversial information being shown to junior high schoolers. According to this video humans are a selfish species that are centered around buying, using, and throwing away. We were led to believe that as Americans specifically we use up other countries resources, destroying their land, just so that we can be happy. In this video we were shown a sketch of a dead world, and told that it was all our fault. I found that this video was completely twisted and false for many reasons. For example of one of the changed facts, we were told that we have destroyed 96% of our original forests. This is fake because we were not told anything about how most businesses who use resources, in this case trees, replenish this resource, by planting more trees. Also, this film was supposed to be about our waste, but when the speaker started showing us cartoons of a tiny government official shining the shoes of an oversized business man it seemed completely off topic and untruthful. We were also told by the speaker that she almost used a tank to symbolized the American government, and she went on to describe how taxes were going toward war efforts. These “points” that she seemed to be slipping in were one sided, off topic, suggestions that were completely unnecessary and should not have been brought up. I have a huge problem with the fact that we are being taught these twisted opinions in school. Many kids believe everything they are taught in school, because after all isn't that the place where people are educated? So when somebody comes in and brainwashes the kids in order to get them to believe their slanted side of this story, its indoctrination and it should not be allowed. At least if you are going to tell children to believe someone's story it is important to show people the other side of this story.

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