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A couple weeks ago was Earth Day where everyone was broadcasting about ways to cut down on trash and just help the earth. During school a couple of weeks before that we had a group of people come in. They helped us sort though all trash from that day and the day before that. A group of volunteers from each of our classes got in gloves and aprons, so they wouldn't get dirty. They dumped out all of the trash out of the bags and sorted through them. There were three groups of food. Trash that would go to the landfills, recyclable things, and Compostable things. We ahd about 87 pounds of trash before we sorted though it all. But when we were done sorting through things we had reduced it down to 25 pound of trash about 51 pounds of compostable trash and 9 pounds of recyclable stuff. It doesn't add up because some of it was liquids and little things we really couldn't pick up. It was very gross but showed us how we can reduce down the amount of trash that goes into landfills. 

Another thing thing we did was the Earth Cast. A few of people from each of the classes were in little groups with different assignments for everyone. We had a greeter and a question answering person. They just typed on the computers. Then there were intro people and outro people who also answered questions and talked about things that we did. It was really fun and each class said something different. There were also other people in different schools or organizations that talked too. It went on for 24 hours. From 8pm the night before earth day to 8pm the night of Earth Day. it was very inspirational.

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