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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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          Our grade did an earth day web cast. The full time it ran was twenty four hours, but our grade only talked for I think about an hour or two. What we talked about was well earth day of course, and also how the Earth is a great place to live and how we should treat it with some respect, and how it is getting trashed by pretty much everyone on this planet. How this worked was we all had a meeting with our science teacher and she gave us our jobs for the web cast. Then on the day of the web cast we had our classes, then whoever was participating in the Earth day web cast went to the math room and waited for their classes turn. When the time came our class went into the science room and started our broadcast. We interacted with our listeners, because people would type in questions into the chat room and they would ask us questions about what we learned. It was very interesting and fun to participate in, I would do that again if I had the choice.


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