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On April 22 2010 our school had a Earth Day Webcast. In the web cast we talked about saving the earth and it's atmosphere. We talked about how to do it by just doing the three R's, Reduce,Reuse,Recycle, and which one is most important. Reuse is the most important because then you will have to recycle and reduce less.  But the what I thought was the most important to talk about was the landfills. Landfills are just big hills filled with trash that cant be reused or recycled. The landfills only last 30-40 years! Which means that the landfills that we have now will only last a about 15 more years. Then what do we do with them?   They seal them up and have then covered with grass and dirt to make it look like a field. But there are pipes coming out of the landfills so the methane and other chemical gasses can come out and into the air. 

Another topic that we talked about was  just plastic and where it goes. There was one thing that really surprised me on where some plastic is. The North Pacific Gyre. the North Pacific Gyre is a big part of the ocean where plastic just goes around in a circle.  Also people wanted to test the Inuits to see if the mothers milk was contaminated. They thought since they eat so healthy and they are far away the it wouldn't. But they found out that it was the most contaminated. Because they eat seafood like seals, and the seals eat plastic that goes in the water, or that was in the food that the seals eat. . Mostly all mother's milk is contaminated and then they poison the little ones.  People are dying because of plastic! We need to stop this, and soon.

"Laws change, Men Die,the land remains"

Abraham Lincoln, 1862

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