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by KSKY teacher: Rye 8th Team
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The Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, New Hampshire was built in 1930 by John Woodman Higgins. It was open to the public in 1931 as a place to put his collection of armour on display instead of sitting in his house. The museum has over 35 suits of armour in one hall. Someone could learn many things at this museum. One thing you could learn is the three major periods of armour, Battlefield, tournament, and decoration. Battlefield is used for combat or wars, Tournament is used for jousting, and decoration is used to show off ones wealth or as a modern day tuxedo. A person could learn many things at the Higgins Museum.


            The first period of armour is the battlefield. Battlefield armour is used when fighting in a war or in combat. This type of armour was fairly light and very maneuverable so that the knight would be able to run and or walk comfortably. The battlefield armour consisted of a helmet which covered the head ears and nose, the eyes and check bones were the only parts exposed. There was also a breastplate to protect from shoulder to shoulder, and from the neck to the waist. At the waist the person had armour to cover the thigh area. At the knees there were joints, which were movable areas, just like in the elbows and shoulders. Below that were the greaves which protected the calf area. Underneath the armour soldiers wore thick clothes and a metal blanket type object incase a weapon went through the armour. The soldiers also carried with them a shield and some sort of weapon. Battlefield was the first period of armour.


            Tournament was the second type of armour. Tournament was used for jousting. Jousting is when two riders on horseback run towards each other with two wooden poles and try to push the other rider off of his horse. The armour consisted of an upper section which protected from the neck to the waist. Also a lower section which protected the waist down was worn. The riders also carried a shield with them. The armour was very heavy because the riders did not need to move themselves around. The horses were considered just as important as the rider because they couldn’t do the sport without the horse. Therefore the horses were somewhat armored too. They had a shield covering their face and a blanket over their whole body for decoration.


            The third and final period of armour was decoration. Decoration armour was worn out at parties and to show off how filthy rich you were. Some people bought armour for their six year old kids who were going to outgrow it in two years. Some people even bought armour for their precious little puppies too. The armour was the same as battlefield armour only much newer looking and nicer kept. It also had many decorations on it. Some were engraved and others were painted on. Decoration was the third and final period of armour.


            In conclusion one can learn many things at the Higgins Armory Museum. One thing they can learn is the three types of armour battlefield, tournament, and decoration. Battlefield is used in wars or combat. Tournament is used in jousting or other sports. Finally decoration is used to tell how wealthy one is or a modern day tux. The Higgins armory museum has a lot of information about armour.


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