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5 Facts on Japan

1. Did you know Japan’s population is 127,078,679 as of July 2009? The U.S.’s population is 340,831,831. This is over 2 times bigger than Japans Population.

2. In Japanese “thank you” is arigato (ah-ree-gah-toh). Also, did you know that “Do you speak Japanese?” means

Nihongo o hanashimasu ka? (nee-hon-go-o-ha-na-she-mas-ka?). Is that interesting.

3. Japan’s size is 145,883 square miles or 377,835 square kilometers; which is California but slightly smaller.

4. Tropical in the south; cool in the north is Japan’s climate.

5. Mt. Fuji is one site seeing place it is 12,000 ft. and is Japan’s tallest mountains.

5 Facts on Italy

1. One really cool site seeing place to see is Rome because it is the capital, and it is very beautiful.

2. Italy produces grapes, (MMMM, my favorite!) potatoes, grain, olives; machinery; iron and steel; textiles, and ceramics.

3. The climate of Italy is hot and dry in the south and cooler in the far north.

4. The 1st Emperor of the Roman Empire is Augustus which happened in 27 B.C.

5. In Italy fifth grader gets to eat at home for lunch at 1:30 and her family usually eats pasta and tomato sauce, a salad and prosciutto, which is cured ham.


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