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2nd ESO A, B, C and D are classes of grade 8 . They are students at "IES Vil·la Romana", a secondary school in La Garriga (Barcelona, Spain). They are learning English as a foreing language. They will practice their speaking and writing. They'd like to communicate to students around the world. This is the first year they're going to use this blog.

by teacher: Mercè Barrull
Blog Entries
our school 02/23/11
My Biography 02/02/11
La Pedrera 05/03/10
My hobbies 04/27/10
My daily routine 04/26/10

I get ap at 7 o'clock. After that I get dressed and I have breakfast at ten past seven.
At eight o'clock I go to my high school. At five o'clock I go to my house. I do my homeworks, when I have finish I watch TV. At nine o'clock I have dinner, ten minutes later, I read a book,I take a shower and I brush my theeth.
At half past nine I go to bed.
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About the Blogger

Hi, my name is Alba. I am 13 years old. I like food, teddy animals and I collect cans. My hobbies are collecting teddy animals and cans. I have got a sister, her name is Irene. My mother's name is Maria Jose. I have got a cat called Mixu. I hate tomatoes, onions and fish. I like the Cosmo Caixa, the city of arts and the siencie of Valencia, the oceanographic of Valencia, the Biopark and Gulliver park.

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