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teacher: Rye 8th Team

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Our school does many things to help support this planet. One of our biggest contributions to the Earth is our garden that we have. Last year in math class we designed the garden while learning about geometry. In Language Arts (LA) we wrote about the garden and read a book, Seedfolks. Seedfolks is a book about a small garden that united many people in Detroit. In science we learned about plants and gardening. One of our biggest contributors to our garden is our Librarian, Ms. Coombs. She gets seeds for the garden and helps it in her free time.

We had an assembly this year and we now have compost bins that we are allowed to put certain organic materials, such as apple cores, banana peels, salads without dressing, and stuff like that. We use the compost on our garden as a fertilizer. This year on Earth Day our grade participated in an Earth Day webcast. We had an hour long block of time to talk about our planet and how to protect it, and what our school is doing.

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