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                                                                                       Earth Day

Earth Day is a once a year thing. Earth Day can mean many different things. Some people pick up trash, some people don't drive their car but mostly people turn off their power. They save power by unplugging or not using television, computers and other electrical appliances. Lots of people all around the world celebrate Earth Day.

There are 10,000 landfills in the U.S.A. That's a lot of toxins that are being let out into the air. The landfills take up a lot of space and also there using up to many resources. Company's make an item that is good, then they make a better and more expensive one, so you throw out your old one and get the new one. They would destroy the Earth for money. People throw things in the landfill that could still be used or that could go into the compost or recycling bin. There are people called Freegans. Freegans are people who go looking around in garbage for food that is still good. They sometimes find food that hasn't even been open yet.

There are three important things to do to help the Earth and they are the 3 R's , reduce, reuse, recycle. Reduce is the most important out of the R's. Its the best because you stop using as much and you wont pollute the Earth as much. The second most important is reuse. Reuse is the second most important because if you did buy a lot of stuff you can keep using it again and not just once. Recycle is the least important only because the others are better. You should still recycle even though its not the most important it still helps the Earth a little bit.

Kids have a lot of power of what the parents buy. They can use two things, one is called purchasing power which purchasing is having the money to buy it, and the second is called purchasing influence which is where kids nag their parents so much until they finally give in and buy it. Company's use these things as an advantage for them to sell items. Company's put ad's in movies and on boxes of food and other things. They put them in movies because the kids will want that, for example if the kids in the movie are eating MC Donald's then the kids will want to eat that. There can be advertisements for many different things other than food. When they put ad's on boxes of food they could take a famous character from a movie or cartoon then the kids will want that because one of their favorite characters is on the box. The reason this hurts the environment is because the company's make things that are using up too many resources on things that will be used once.


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