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by teacher: Rye Alumni

These last two or three weeks were based on the environment and the world leading up to April 22nd, which is Earth Day. We got to have a guest speaker come in to our class for a couple of days and show us videos like, "The Story of Stuff." In the video, it was these people telling us how bad humans are on helping the environment. They would say all these crazy facts and just put it out that might not even be true. When it was talking about the buying of goods they blame President Bush about how he told everybody in America to go out and shop. And of course, that isn't true it is just the same old people that think it is all our fault that the trash is building up and nowhere to go. I thought and how I always think, "that it is the people telling us what they think not what we think." 

When in another video when it was based on the advertisement, telling students that when their kids they nag their parents until they get it and when something is not as totally cool as on television. Then the people in the video had to blame someone so they blamed the companies of making things so bad. I say, "the companies aren't to blame because all they want is to make a better product, and that is their job."

The next thing that we got to do is have another group of helpers come in and pick trash out of our garbage of the last two days. What we did is break the trash into groups Landfill, recyleables, or compost. There was a total of 85 pounds that our school would have thrown away. As you see in the picture we would dig through trash and sort it out. We all were amazed at the end when we weighed the three categories.  The lowest amount was landfill with about 25 pounds. You would have been surprised where most of the world's trash goes was the least for our school.


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