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We went to the cafeteria. We looked at our trash. We collected the trash from lunch for two days. There was a lot of trash. There was about 85 lbs of trash total. We opened up the bags and dumped them on the floor. Then we looked for things that we could recycle or compost. Then we weighed the trash that would go to a landfill. In the end there were only 25 lbs of trash that would go right to the landfill. That really surprised me.

We did all of that so we could make sure we found everything we could recycle. I liked the activity. Some things that could be recycled are: plastic bottles, plastic containers for yogurt, soda cans, and aluminum foil. Some things that could be composted are: milk cartons, eggs, leftover chicken, and leftover pizza. I learned about how our trash goes to a landfill. They haul all of the trash away in big trucks. I was really surprised at how much we were wasting.

One day we each brought a disposable item to class. I brought in a chocolate chip ice cream container. People throw away the containers after they eat the ice cream. We looked at everything that we throw away at home. We had to look at what we need to throw away and what we can recycle or compost. We recycle at my house, but we don't compost. We have compost bins at school, though.
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