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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.

by LHDR teacher: Rye 8th Team

Over the past four days, we have had a unit on going green, throwing away less trash, buying less stuff, and support a certain view's way of thinking. There are three videos we have watched: The Story of Stuff, Trashed, and Consuming. I should start of with this first video, The Story of Stuff. This video is centered around how we are depleting the Earth's resources at an extremely high rate just to make more stuff. This video also shows that the main focus of blame is on the government, and they frequently off-topic criticize the Bush administration. This video also throws large and very scary looking numbers into the air, and almost all of them are either spun and misconceived, or blatantly false. I should probably give some examples, then shouldn't I? First off, they state that we are destroying our resources in two major ways. We have cut down 95% or more of all our trees, and 90% or more of our water is undrinkable. Both of these statements are just purely false. The video states where it got the info, but the sources and the info itself doesn't add up. The source states that roughly 95% of our forests have been logged, not destroyed, but logged. This is also since we came here, in the 1600's. Just because you log a forest, doesn't mean it will never grow back ever again, and usually it is just the exact opposite. The other source states that roughly 90% of our waterways, not water, but waterways are undrinkable, unswimmable, OR unfishable. Note that we have actually IMPROVED this as we have become more advanced. As far as criticism of the government, at one point they say that government should be symbolized by a tank, because over 50% of our taxes go to military. There was no source that stated this, and it is semi-common knowledge among taxpayers that most taxes go toward medicare and social security. Also, there is a point where this video says that after 9/11, Bush told us to shop, and not pray. This is utterly false. Not only did Bush ask us to pray, he stated that we should go back to our normal lives. Now isn't that a little bit anti-republican? I will end this paragraph stating that these people thought that there were more unions and company organizations than government organizations in the U.S. This is irrelevant because unions and company organizations have absolutely NO power or influence in U.S. Government. Besides the irrelevant, stupid, and untrue comments made in this video, the actual point of it is to portray us Americans as fat, uncaring, stupid Americans with only one purpose: to shop. This common idea plays on so many stereotypes, it is the equivalent of saying that all Hawaiians wear flowers, coconuts, and leaves for clothes, or all Chinese wear robes, are bald, and spend their whole day in a temple. This is so untrue, and shows us in such a negative light that it is kind of telling you 'we must change, you must change'
The second video we watched centers around consuming children, and how ad companies are poisoning and brainwashing our children into buying buying buying, and how something must be done. First of all, in America the government cannot control companies or people, beyond making sure nothing illegal is going on. Any other form of control is communism. So when this video is stating that the government should learn and control companies to make sure they don't brainwash children. If the government starts to control businesses in one way, then that is the first step to a communist government, along with universal healthcare and one sided videos being shown to children. This video does show that there was once a movement that tried to ban advertisement to children due to its brainwashing effects, but it was revoked by the Reagan administration. Wow, two republican presidents blamed in two videos. Doesn't that seem like brainwashing, which these videos are against. Interesting. Here in America, the land of opportunity, it should be the companies' choice of how to do business, not someone else's. It is not the government or the advertiser's job to tell the child or parent what is an actually good product, that is the job of the educated parent. Taking away the rights of companies is standing against everything that this country lives for, and has lived for for almost 300 years, and taking away those rights, forcing companies into how they do business, and what is there business, is pure communism.
The third video we watched is called 'Trashed' and it centers around how we are throwing away too much, and of course global warning. The main example that is given is the Pacific Gyre. This is basically an area in the Pacific Ocean where there is supposedly a lot of trash. It is also stated that it is as big as two United States. First of all, is this the area in which there is trash to be found, not where there is always trash. This means that there are large gaps and areas where little or no trash can be found. But once again this video is being used to spin the truth into something much worse than it actually is. The second problem I have with this video is how they talk a lot about it being our fault, our responsibility. If they mean our as in America, then they are sadly mistaken because the main contributors to the gyre, and even trash itself, is the eastern countries. Now if they mean our as in us as a planet, then that is pure supporting of global nationalism (one world, one country, one government), another main idea of modern day communism that I talked about earlier. Three communist principles in three videos, interesting. There is one more principle that I would like to talk about, that played a major part in all three videos: Global Warming. Now what exactly is global warming? Most will tell you that it is the warming of the earth and thus the melting of glaciers, killing of polar bears, less snow, less earth, dirtier air, all by human cause. This is complete rubbish. Global warming is a term that was invented a couple years ago during the long streak of republican presidents, except for Bill Clinton. The Democrats hadn't had a good president that had done a lot in a while, so the yhad to figure out a way to get the next election going the way they wanted. They came up with the famous Al Gore, and global warming, and it being the worst thing that had ever happened. There were two purposes to this. The first was to scare people that we were going down the drain, and so was our planet, and the animals, and forests, and fish, and all that stuff. So once everyone is scared, and wondering what to do, here's where the magic comes in. Al Gore, or Obama, or a state representative or town selectman or whoever would say 'I can fix this'. And it works! Al Gore barely lost the presidential race, and Obama won! Do you remember when back when he was campaigning about how Obama talked about helping the earth and whatnot? Well, he's been president, and what's he done about it? Nothing. It's all in the campaign, getting people to think one thing so you do something expecting another thing in return, only to see that that is not the case at all. Propaganda, having government spin the media into thinking none thing, but having entirely different intentions. Most of the info about global warming anyway was either 'lost' or 'destroyed' or 'misplaced' (all of those words had been used at one time or another to explain the lack of evidence of global warming and its effects.)or simply taken form outdated sources, and blatantly made up! My closing statement is just that what makes me mad the most, is the who lopsidedness of this unit, and the lack of info from both sides, for this is school, and in school we are told to learn. So if we are told to learn about one thing, which is unfair, untrue, unsupported, unreliable, then that takes away the very usefulness of school, and actually brainwashes us into thinking whatever the government wants us to think, despite half the unit talking about going against so-called brainwashing of young children by advertising. In its greatest form, this unit is just a load of misinformation, and outright hippocracy.
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