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Tjje Voki 03/28/12
Eye See You 09/12/11

This is my artifact scan. Our class each read a book that takes place in medievel times. I read a book called Crispin. We then chose 5-10 artifacts that are important to the story. In mine the flag represents the setting, which is England. The skull represents the black death, which is how he thought his father died but soon learns is not true. This plays a huge part in the story. The tin foil sword represent the action in this story. There are a lot of sword fights and battles. The shamrock coin represents Crispin's luck. He manages to get out of situations that seem impossible to. The cross represents his secret and the religion. His secret was written on his cross the whole time but he didn't know it because he couldn't read. The ball represents Bear and his living. Bear is a charactor that helps Crispin along the way. He was a juggler and that is how he made his money.  The wolf represents how Crispin was declared a wol'f head, which means he was concidered not human and anyone could kill him or take him at any time and get a reward for it. These are the main ideas of the story and these artifacts help show that.

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