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I read the book The siege of Macindaw which is part of the Ranger's Apprentice series by John Flannigan.  I have created this abstract collage in order to represent key parts of the story.  This short list describes the objects in my collage, and what role they have in the story.

Jagged Red Paper ~ War~a key part of the story even one of the main characters is a warrior ~ The shape represents the mountainous setting

Yellow~ Bravery~All of the characters in this book are confident and not timid in the least

Blue ~ Youth ~ This is not a story about adults~ All of the main characters are in their late teens

White~ Alyss is a main character who is a member in the diplomatic service ~ She always wears white because it is the color for the diplomats

Tree Needles~ This story mostly takes place in a dark forest that is thought to be magical and sinister

Broken Twig~ Betrayel~ In many key points of this story people thought of as allies turn against the main characters

Rock~ Mesmerization~ Alyss is mesmerized on many occasions by a special stone, during these times she unwillingly spills key information

Bow~ Will is an expert with his bow and arrow because he is a trained ranger

Sword~ Horace is one of the best knights and he is also Will's friend

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