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John Woodman Higgins created a museum with armor from different places.  It was created in 1929 in Worcester, Massachussets.  John Higgins started collecting armor and then put it all in the museum.  He put in 3,000 armors, and 1,000 weapons.        


There are three types of armor.  One of them is called combat.  Combat is plate armor.  There is chain mail under all the armor.  If they were hit by a sword where the chain mail is, it wouldn't cut it but the person would feel the force of the hit.  Chin mail is heavy and with all teh other armor on its even more heavy.  Another typeof armor is parade.  Parade aromor is for partys.  If you have this armor t is also thicker than combat which means its heavier.


Armor went from almost full body armor to no armor.  In the 1400's knights had almost full body armor.  They had a few spots that were open.  In the 1500's they had full body armor.  In the late 1500's or early 1600's they had no armor.  The reason they had no armor was because there were guns and knights had guns.  The bullet would penetrate the armor so it was pointless.  


Knights had different types of weapons that they used.  If horses with knights on them were charging at them then the knights would use long pointy spears so that it would either kill the horse so the knight would fall off or they would kill the knight then only the horse would live which wasn't a threat.  If they were right in the battle thery would have swords so they could watch their front, back and both sides.  Then knights with guns would stand a little back so they wouldn't get killed by swords.


The Higgins armory is a place that is for learning about the knights and armor that warriors used.  It is a fun experiance to learn about all the different armors and weapons that knights used.    

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