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Yesterday March 23rd to be exact, everyone was in class and working. All the sudden the fire alarms go off and it was pouring outside and freezing but we still had to go outside because it could have been a real fire. So we went outside for 10-15 minutes FREEZING! Plus I had flip flops on and a lot people started to get worried because we never go outside for a practice fire drill in the the rain.

So we were starting to think that this was real, but then we finally got to go inside after being cold and wet, but instead of going back into classes like we went in to the gym and it was weird because we usually go into classes after fire drills. So we got into our classes and we started working again and then they told us the principal told us that the fire drill lights are still ganna go off for a little while,which got annoying. Then they finally shut off and we went on with school and listened to the noisy rain.

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