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teacher: Rye 8th Team

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My story takes place in northern Maine, Sugarloaf Ski Resort to be exact, and it was Thursday morning of February vacation. The previous night we had heard that there was a chance of snow, and it had already started snowing. When we woke up that Thursday, our cars were buried in two and a half feet of snow, and it ws still dumping. The house we had rented for the week was taken Thursday night, and hotels were booked everywhere. We had no choice but to try and drive right through it. One hour in we were only 15 miles out, and we had a 550 mile drive left, going down a highway at 20 miles per hour. As we were getting out of the mountains on to regular flatlands, we had one more large hill to pass. The snow continued to fall, and it was definately a blizzard. As we neared the top of the will, with our two-wheel drive car, and with some four wheel drive SUV's and trucks all around, the car started to stall! We had just enough energy left to pull over, but it was still a scary moment, stalling at the top of a hill, in a blizzard, with a bunch of 4 axel trucks behind you. We waited for them to pass, and restarted the car to get back on the road. A couple of hours later, as we started to leave the mountains and snow turned to rain, the car caught a bad curve and the road, and we skidded off, narrowly missed a telephone pole, and went to a stop a foot in front of a large stump. The snow that turned to rain basically hydroplaned our car off the road, and for the next couple of minutes we were terrified. However, as we made it farther south around lower Maine, the weather eased off and we made the rest of the trip back home fine.

This is my wordle'd version of my weather story!

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