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One time this year, I was on vacation with my family in St.John. While we were there, my mom got a phone call saying that all the power was out in our hometown. We never thought that the power would still be out when we got home...

    Once we were off the plane, and in Boston, we were picked up by one of my parents' friend's daughters. She told us that the power was still out, and had been for three days! This meant that the people who we had come to our house and feed our pets wouldn't be able to get in, because the only way we allowed them to get in was through the garage, which needed electricity. I remember the shock on my sisters face when she realized that her pet fish had no food, and no warmth from the house. Once we arrived at our home, my mom pulled out her only key to our house. When she went up to the house and tried the key, it didn't work. This meant that there was no possible way, without breaking anything, to get into my house. My dad tried calling all of the hotels in Southern New Hampshire, some even in Massachussetts, but none had any vacancy what so ever. Just then, one of my friends called me, inviting me to sleepover at her house, because she knew my situation with the power outage and no place to stay. My parents and little sister went over to another one of their friends houses, and stayed there for the night.

    When I was picked up by my friend, on the car ride back, we noticed all of the trees down, for there was a massive wind and rain storm four nights before, which knocked all of the power out. There was only one way out of the town I lived in, because there was a tree that fell right on the street. There were hurricane force winds, flooded basements, and powerlines down. This was one of the worst storms to occur in my lifetime, in my town.

    Later that night, while at my friend's house, I remembered how I usually get extremely plane sick, and was surprised I hadn't gotten sick yet, I was hoping that I was done with the phase of being sick after plane rides, but I couldn't have been more incorrect. I got up at 5:30 am in the morning, and was sick. 

    The next morning, my parents picked me up, and we drove to my house. On our ride there, I saw all of the trees that had been knocked down by the hurricane force winds. I was relieved when there weren't any trees on my house. Since the power was still out, and my pets were inside, my parents decided to break into my house. They went to the kitchen door, looked around for a tree branch on the ground (this wasn't hard to find at all), and smashed the branch into the kitchen door. It went through, and my dad reached inside the broken glass and turned the lock. We'd made it inside! My sister ran to her room to see if her fish was still alive, and he was. About a half hour later, the power came back on. We broke a door for nothing, it turned out. This was an amazing weather adventure I'll never forget. 

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