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Class of 2012-2013

The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.


teacher: Rye 8th Team

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Science Weather Story

A couple of weeks ago NH and some other states had a huge storm called a nor'easter. Instead of getting inches of rain some of the other states got inches of snow. This was very bad because some people could not get out of their house, so they had to shovel their way out or have big plowing trucks come by and do it for them. This nor'easter caused a lot of flooding in my yard and my road. My yard and road was so full of water that whenever I came home from school or something else, my mom had to park in a special parking place away for the flooding so I wouldn't go into the water and get soaked. The day before I went back to school at around 9:00 at night, the power went out at my house. I totally freaked out. I was only with my grama that night but my mom came home later on. Finally at 3:00 in the morning, we got our power back and everthing was back to normal, but I was really worried about the freezer and the refrigerator because inside of them they had no power too so I didn't want the food to go bad luckily it didnt. This nor'easter happend during the weekend, after the weekend passed, I went back to school on Monday and the schools ceilings were leaking so our principal had to block of some of the stairways we use to get around to the library, downstairs etc. He was going to think about closing the school off meaning instead of getting out of school at 2:30 we woud get out of school a couple of hours earlier. But that didn't happen because everything got fixed in time. A couple of days later that storm ended and people became to become happy!!! Thanks for reading my weather story :)

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