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Every summer, my family rents a lake house in the lakes region of middle New Hampshire. More often than not, during the time we spend at the lake, there will be either a lightning or a rain storm. One year, we rented a good sized house with a sandy beach and a steel dock at the southern tip of lake Winnapasaukee. It was the second day, just about dusk, right before we usually come in for the day, it got dark much faster than usual. At the time, I was paddling out in the middle of the cove the property we rented was located on. I was just turning around, and there was a thunderous BOOM and a streak of pink light flew across the sky. I knew what was happening, and I wasn't too happy about it either: I was about to be caught in the middle of lightning storm while I'm out in the middle of a lake with nothing but a knee-board.(!) At this time, I was about as scared as I could get at the age of 7. The low clouds were moving fast, as if to chase me across the cove back to the house. Another bolt screamed across the sky, and two seconds later, another explosion of sound. Two seconds from flash to boom, that means the storm is only two miles away! I was paddling and kicking as hard as I could, and finally I reached the beach and sprinted inside. Just as I closed the door, a lightning bolt hit either the water where I had just been, or the opposite bank to the cove. I was just thankful to be inside and not back out on the water now.
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